Sensory Motor Integration Lab

University of Lincoln

About the Lab

In the motor lab we carry out research into how sensory information is used to control action, both in adults and from a developmental perspective. Particular interests are in the coupling mechanisms between the hands during bimanual movements, and the differing roles of the preferred and non preferred hands in this. We also look at the links between the development of motor skills and cognition.

The latest addition to the motor lab is a MIRAGE system - this allows us to further investigate the role played by vision and kinaesthesis in simple discrete movements. Using a system of mirrors and cameras MIRAGE allows a real-time video image of the hand to be seen by the user. The hand image is in the same location as the actual hand. A range of bodily illusions from swapping the hands, to stretched fingers can be applied by digitally manipulating the visual input, coupled with tactile and proprioceptive manipulations. More information about the MIRAGE can be found on the MIRAGE blog.